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Michigan Hypnosis Conference 2024

Learn. Share. Grow.

September 20th -22nd

Hollywood Casino Greektown

Detroit, MI

Learn. Share. Grow.

The Michigan Hypnosis Conference is not just another event; it's a unique opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts alike to dive into the dynamic world of hypnosis. This conference stands out as a must-attend event for individuals passionate about hypnosis for several compelling reasons. With a strong commitment to innovation, collaboration, and community-building, this conference offers a multitude of benefits that make it an invaluable experience for anyone interested in the field.

Forward-Looking Industry Insights

Attendees have the opportunity to gain insights into the latest developments, techniques, and trends in hypnotherapy. By attending, you'll be exposed to cutting-edge research, best practices, and innovative methods that can elevate your expertise in the field. This forward-looking approach ensures that you are well-prepared for the future of hypnosis.

Global Perspective, Local Community

While the conference draws participants and ideas from all corners of the world, it simultaneously strengthens the hypnosis community right here in Michigan. It bridges the gap between global knowledge and local practice, creating a vibrant and inclusive community of practitioners and enthusiasts. This unique blend of global insights and local support enhances the overall experience, making it truly exceptional.

A Collaborative Environment

Here, you can learn from seasoned experts, share your own experiences and insights, and grow both personally and professionally. The collaborative spirit of the event fosters an atmosphere of continuous learning and self-improvement.

Diverse Ideas and Perspectives

The Michigan Hypnosis Conference brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This diversity enriches the event with a wide range of ideas and approaches to hypnosis. By attending, you'll gain exposure to different viewpoints and techniques that can expand your horizons and help you develop a more comprehensive understanding of the field.

A Must Attend Event

One of the standout features of the Michigan Hypnosis Conference is its emphasis on networking. Attendees have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, industry leaders, and fellow practitioners. Networking at the conference not only allows you to expand your professional circle but also provides a platform to forge valuable partnerships and collaborations. Building these connections can open up new avenues for growth in your hypnosis practice or career.

This conference is a must-attend event for anyone passionate about hypnosis. Its commitment to the future of the industry, the "Learn, Share, Grow" philosophy, networking opportunities, global-local synergy, and diverse perspectives make it a truly exceptional experience. By participating in this conference, you'll not only stay ahead in the field but also become an integral part of a supportive and thriving hypnosis community. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge, connect with industry leaders, and contribute to the growth of hypnotherapy right here in Michigan. Join us at the Michigan Hypnosis Conference and embark on a transformative journey in the world of hypnosis.

Want to Speak at the 2024 Conference?

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Michigan Hypnosis Conference is always on the lookout for exceptional and enthusiastic speakers to enrich the conference with their expertise. Our speakers are carefully chosen based on their potential, the quality of their content, their positive standing within their field, and their genuine dedication to education and service. Whether you're a seasoned presenter or a rising star, we welcome your passion and insights. It's worth noting that this conference has been a launchpad for many successful speakers, propelling their careers to new heights.


If you're interested in becoming a speaker at the next Michigan Hypnosis Conference, we invite you to take the next step by clicking the button below to complete our convenient online application. Before you proceed, please ensure that you have the following ready for submission:

  1. A brief description of your topic & personal bio.

  2. A professional head shot that truly represents you.

Please be aware that your photo and bio may be used for promotional purposes leading up to the upcoming conference. We look forward to receiving your application and potentially having you as part of our next conference.


The Venue

555 East Lafayette Street,

Detroit, MI 48226

We are thrilled to announce that the Michigan Hypnosis Conference will take place at the fabulous Hollywood Casino Greektown in the heart of Detroit, Michigan! Nestled in the vibrant Greektown Historic District, this venue exudes luxury and excitement.


Attendees will be captivated by the dazzling lights and energy of the casino, creating the perfect backdrop for a conference dedicated to the exploration of hypnosis. Additionally, its proximity to the Detroit Airport ensures that travel to this exciting event is a breeze. Furthermore, being centrally located, attendees will have easy access to a multitude of amenities and attractions, allowing for a well-rounded experience beyond the conference.


Join us at Hollywood Casino Greektown for a conference that promises both professional growth and memorable leisure activities in the heart of Detroit! 

Book your Room

Airport Information

King Room
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Lobby 1
Lobby 2
Queen Room

Mark D Laskowski WI.

I love the Michigan Hypnosis  conference I love the size I love the scope I love the message I love the people it truly has become one of my favorite places to be!

Luke Howard Phd CA.

" I want to say thank you to the team at the Michigan Hypnosis Conference for putting together a great event this was one of the best conference experiences I have had in years 

Vinnie Brigance MI

the Michigan Hypnosis Conference was absolutely incredible. There was something really special about connecting the way we all did and thanks for putting it together and facilitating the conference. I can only imagine there is a TON Of effort involved in putting something like that together! Thank you Dan& Heather !

Cancellation Policy 

Michigan Hypnosis conference is a live in-person event if you cancel 91 days before the event you will receive a $100 refund with the rest as an administration fee After 90from event no refunds will be issued However you can apply what you have already paid to a future conference with in 1 year .

Please be advised that The Michigan Hypnosis Conference has no control over airline or other travel refunds also Michigan Hypnosis conference has no control over Hotel refund policy 

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